Preservation, Restoration,

conservation, and education by dedicated private citizens working together in an organization devoted to the betterment of our community.

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“Ask not what Your Community can do for You; Ask what YOU can do for Your Community.” (Borrowed from JFK)

Vicksburg and Warren County have a unique abundance of natural beauty

and many interesting structures and areas of historical significance.  We hope the work of our Guild will increase visitors and new residents to Our Community which will increase its prosperity and its historical significance and beauty.

Much has been done in the recent past to improve our community.

Often during times of prosperity, there is improvement in the infrastructure and beautification. During times of changing values, e.g. post WWII, much of the community’s heritage was demolished in the name of “modernization.” The preservation and conservation of those things that reflect different times in our history is important to the heart and soul of Our Community.

Founding Members:

Joyce Clingan

Carolyn McMillin

Harley Caldwell

Dee Hyland

Dinah Lazor